Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Workshop Series

We are beginning our workshop series this week with shodan review. This training is open to anyone 3rd kyu and above and will focus on requirements for the Aikido of San Leandro sho-dan test.

This workshop is only open to students 3rd kyu and above because we have a very limited amount of time to cover a large amount of material! Even with 3rd kyu and up it will be a challenge to get through everything and still have time to do practice tests at the end. Anyone is welcome to drop by at any time during the training and observe. Please do so! It's a great time to see advanced practice and get a better idea of what's to come in your training.

These workshops are meant to help students prepare for their next rank, or provide an opportunity for some extra training and ukemi (falling) practice. Each workshop will cost $20 for the day.

I'm hoping to have these every month at least, and typically on Saturday. The next workshop will focus on 4th kyu and will be open to everyone. The 4th kyu test includes techniques from both 6th and 5th kyu, so students working on those tests will benefit as well.

Here are the workshop levels planned so far:
  • 6th - 4th kyu: 
    • open to everyone
    • focus is on the 4th kyu test which includes techniques from 6th and 5th kyu
  • 3rd - 1st kyu
    • open to 5th kyu and up
    • focus on 2nd kyu test, 31 jo kata, kumitachi
  • Sho-dan
    • open to 3rd kyu and up
    • faster pace, advanced ukemi
    • Weapons: 5 kumi-tachi, 5 kumi-jo, 5 ken-tai-jo
  • Ni-dan and up
    • open to 3rd kyu and up
    • faster pace, advanced ukemi
    • Weapons: kumi-tachi, kumi-jo, ken-tai-jo; all with variations
    • kaeshi-waza
    • henka-waza
Hope to see everyone at the upcoming workshops, gambatte (do your best)!