Monday, August 31, 2015

September at Kinjo Dojo

Weapons training with Hendricks Shihan Saturday 8/29

We're back from Aikido of San Leandro and starting up a new month at Kinjo Dojo!

Thank you for your patience while I went out to train for my san-dan test for 2 weeks. Big thanks to everyone that came out to train with Tyffany sempai while I was gone.

Congratulations to Brian on a great sho-dan test Friday night! Brian came out Monday and stayed for the week as uchideshi. When he signed up for the trip he didn't know he would be doing a test at the end, but Hendricks sensei agreed to do it in order to get his official sho-dan processing underway.

Huge thanks to Tyffany who came out Wednesday and did most of the ukemi for my san-dan test! She did some awesome falls which we'll see as soon as the video is posted online.

What does all this mean for the dojo? Most important: with the rank of san-dan I can now test/transfer people up to sho-dan (1st black belt) here in Colorado without you having to go to San Leandro. It also means that we are officially a dojo according to the CAA requirements (Sensei was ok with me calling us a dojo before, plus I would have had to change all our marketing stuff!).

In other words: when I level up, we all level up [insert playstation trophy sound]!

One more thing:
We will be having a 2nd kyu workshop on Sunday, September 13th. Everyone is welcome to attend. We will cover everything we can fit in from the 2nd kyu requirements.

See you on the mat!