Thursday, July 17, 2014

Yasuhiro & Mitsuyoshi Saito - Ken Tai Jo Demo

In this video, Yasuhiro and Mitsuyoshi Saito demonstrate Ken Tai Jo which we are working on this week at the dojo. We've been doing the basic endings, but notice in the video he does the advanced endings and extra moves at the end which we will focus more on Thursday and Friday in class.

Enjoy the video and we'll see you on the mat!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Advanced Keiko Thursday

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Last Thursday before the long weekend we had an impromptu advanced class. Since we have a few sempai going to re-test into CAA/Aikikai from other styles we worked on the basics of irimi-nage and koshi-nage, then did some tachi-dori (sword taking) and kumi-tachi.

The Aikido of San Leandro sho-dan test requirements (PDF) are a great template for advanced students whether they are getting ready for sho-dan or san-dan.

Thanks to the sempai for coming out and training before the holiday weekend!

This week (7/7) is kata-dori (shoulder grab) and the 31 kumi-jo. Today is the first Monday so we'll work on weapons and wash the mat after class.

See you on the mat!


Image: Saito Sensei showing koshi-nage; from aikidojournal