Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sho-dan Workshop, June 22

On June 22nd we will have a workshop for students seeking sho-dan. Throughout the day we will focus on the sho-dan test requirements from Aikido of San Leandro and Pat Hendricks Sensei. Since ASL is affiliated with the CAA and Aikikai, this includes the requirements from the Hombu/Aikikai test so all styles are welcome.

This training is for anyone 3rd kyu or higher. Cost is $20.

3rd and 2nd kyu
You will have the opportunity to work on higher level techniques, see what's ahead, and get a good ukemi workout

1st kyu
Focus on the test requirements and clean up your techniques. Slow down and work on your form; it's not a race!

sho-dans and higher
If you are coming from other styles and re-testing into CAA Division 1, you can focus on Iwama weapons and changes to the open-hand techniques. Everyone else can enjoy the extra training and review.

This is our first all-day event as a dojo and I'm looking forward to working with Kinjo Dojo students and preparing them for what's ahead. Other styles and dojos are welcome to attend and I hope to see some visitors on the mat and in the park for weapons practice!

11-13: Weapons in the park (location TBD; see update below)
13-15: Lunch and open practice
15-17: open-hand and practice tests
18:00: We'll go out to a local spot for post-workshop dinner and beverages

Location (morning weapons): Memorial Park in Arvada (map). We'll meet at the southwest area of the park. There is a small shelter and shade trees.

Location (afternoon open-hand): Kinjo Dojo

Update (2014-6-18): Changed time to 11am, and location to Memorial Park in Arvada

Update (2014-6-10): There is a big bike race going on the day of our training so we will probably move morning weapons to another park. Check here or one of the event links below for updates.

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