Thursday, November 30, 2023

Michael Friedl Shihan Seminar at Denver Aikido

There will be no class this Saturday, 12/2 at Kinjo Dojo. We will be attending the Michael Friedl Shihan seminar at Denver Aikido. 

Info and Registration

Seminar Flyer

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Holiday Schedule and Updates for 2024

Always check the calendar for schedule changes, I update that first before even announcing on here or other social media outlets. 

Holiday Schedule 2023:

  • December 2nd (Saturday): No class, Friedl Shihan Seminar
  • December 18th (Monday): No class 
  • December 22nd (Friday): Keiko Osame or Last Practice of the year; we will close out 2023 with training and see everyone in 2024!

January 2024:

  • January 5th (Friday): Keiko Hajime or First Practice of 2024. Welcoming everyone back to training in the new year
  • January 13th (Saturday): Kagami Biraki or "Opening the Mirror" - a traditional Japanese ceremony common in martial arts schools. We will have training, followed by Embu-kai (demonstrations). 
2024 Schedule Updates:
  • Weapons for the week will be for Friday and Saturday only as we are adding new dedicated weapons classes on those days
  • NEW Friday hours: 5-6pm (Open Hand), and 6-7pm (Weapons)
  • NEW Saturday hours: 1-2pm (Open Hand), and 2-3pm (Weapons). Weather permitting we will have weapons practice outside. 

See you on the mat! 
- Charles