Friday, June 27, 2014

Three New 6th Kyu Students

Eight months ago when we started Kinjo Dojo in November of 2013, I set a modest goal: Test three new students for 6th kyu. I hoped to have at least three new beginners start from scratch and stay with us long enough to take their 6th kyu test.

Last night (2014-6-26), I handed out the third 6th kyu certificate to one of our new beginners. Congratulations to Jared, Kim, and Nathan on their accomplishment; thank you for coming out and supporting the dojo!

And of course congratulations goes to my son Evan for his 6th and 5th kyu promotions since we started the dojo. I didn't count him as one of the 3 because he's been training with us since we were down south with Blevins-sensei and Kiryu Aikido. Also he's family and often gets dragged into class whether he feels like it or not!

We still have 4 more months to go before our first year anniversary. I hope to see a few more interested students walk through the door to begin their path in aikido.

See you on the mat!