Monday, July 7, 2014

Advanced Keiko Thursday

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Last Thursday before the long weekend we had an impromptu advanced class. Since we have a few sempai going to re-test into CAA/Aikikai from other styles we worked on the basics of irimi-nage and koshi-nage, then did some tachi-dori (sword taking) and kumi-tachi.

The Aikido of San Leandro sho-dan test requirements (PDF) are a great template for advanced students whether they are getting ready for sho-dan or san-dan.

Thanks to the sempai for coming out and training before the holiday weekend!

This week (7/7) is kata-dori (shoulder grab) and the 31 kumi-jo. Today is the first Monday so we'll work on weapons and wash the mat after class.

See you on the mat!


Image: Saito Sensei showing koshi-nage; from aikidojournal