Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Friday Seminar Review

It's been a crazy February and March, but things are finally settling down; I hope to stay out of airports for at least the next few weeks.

Last weekend in MN was a blast as always and I'm still recovering from the cumulative lack of sleep. Mark Larson sensei taught 8 hours of aikido from Saturday morning to noon on Sunday. He focused on "muna-dori" (front collar grab) techniques on Saturday and ken awase variations. Sunday we did some ken-tai-jo and shou-men-uchi irimi-nage.

I had a great time practicing with everyone and visiting with people I only see once a year. If you can get the chance, definitely put the MN Spring seminar on your schedule for next year.

This coming Friday (4/4) I will be reviewing techniques from the seminar and the weapons for the week coincidentally happens to be ken-tai-jo which we did last Sunday with Larson-sensei.

After practice we will head next door to Colorado+ for some food and brews if you're into that sort of thing.

See you on the mat!