Friday, October 18, 2013

It's not Public Till it's on Facebook...

Our facebook page is live, so check it out:

I prefer google plus, but everyone and (literally) their mother is on facebook so we can't ignore that audience.

Launching the page on facebook is like telling the world what we're doing, and it's a big step. I spoke with Hendricks-sensei last month about our plans and she was supportive. Last week Tyffany talked to Stephanie Yap-sensei and she wished us the best which was great to hear. Since Yap-sensei is active on facebook I wanted to make sure we told her before "going public."

Update on the hunt for space: I'm checking in on a pilates/yoga studio near 38th and Wadsworth for a temporary space while we sort out our long term plans. Hopefully we can get a couple of nights a week to start. Check back here for updates.

See you on the mat soon!