Monday, September 23, 2013

Business Things

Before we can have an official dojo (I plan to organize some unofficial practices in the mean time), Business Things have to happen. We have to create an Incorporated Entity for Kinjo Dojo, after that goes through, we have to fill out a zinger of a tax form to apply for non profit (501(c)(3)) status. This is all a learning experience for me and I'm documenting the whole process if anyone wants a step-by-step afterwards.

The non profit application could take months to process (at 31 pages long, it could take months to fill out!) and I'm hoping to have folks rolling around on the mat long before that.

So it's a work in progress. In the mean time we'll figure out a space solution somewhere so we can have some taijutsu (open hand) practice. Weapons training is easier; weather permitting we can meet up in a park and swing sticks around. I'm hoping to organize one of those very soon. Winter is coming and the nice park days will soon vanish from under us.

I'll keep the aiki-blog updated with our progress. Subscribe to have the info sent to your favorite reader.

See you on the mat soon.